Amber + David

2.) Theme & Attire

A Steampunk Bride

Instead of choosing a traditional dress, this bride chose to step into the open fashion possibilities of Steampunk.


Over careful deliberation (or maybe more accurately after a frustrated bride was glad he just picked something), a Steampunk wedding was declared!

Steampunk Heart by ValerianaSolaris from

For those blissfully unaware of the endless wonders of Steampunk are in for a treat. It is a relatively new genre, taking it’s roots from anime (Japanese cartoons) and alternate fiction histories. The clothing is more recognizable as from the Victorian Age or Edwardian Era. Anything from those periods would be appropriate for costuming ideas. The difference between, Steampunk and Victorian, however, is the creative twist of airships, fantastic machines powered by steam and an excess of goggles, gears, and guns.

And this is for those who would rather watch than read…

Steampunk Lady

A more “traditional” futuristic Steampunk fashion with gadgets.

So, even though the main portion of the costume will be Victorian, the accessories are where the fun lies. Additions to the regular Victorian theme would be: pistols, goggles, extravagant jewellery made of gears, leggings, boots, flying ships and any other non-period pieces that make dressing up fun and silly.

Steampunk Wedding Party Photo from

This Steampunk wedding had a nice Victorian theme with a Steampunk flare.

We would love if guests dressed up for the occasion. Though it is encouraged it is by no means a requirement. We are more concerned that our guests be comfortable, relaxed and have a good time than go out of their way (and budget) for a wedding theme.

And always keep in mind, when in doubt, just glue some gears on it. ;)

Gypse Chicks Costumes

Women’s costumes can easily be created from a mishmash of other outfits.

Hopefully these photos will be of some help for costume creation. It will be more helpful to think “Halloween” instead of “wedding.”

Please feel free to post additional photos in the comment section.

Steampunk Costume by *Majoh from DeviantArt

Steampunk Costume by *Majoh from

Also here is a list of websites that specialize on Steampunk or may provide essential costume pieces:

The Guthrie also does costume rentals:


One thought on “2.) Theme & Attire

  1. Hello my dear! I made a page. 🙂 I think there should be some neo-victorian and steampunk images on this pg to give ppl an idea of the overall concept “steampunk”.
    Just a thought!

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