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Wedding Invitations

Steampunk Wedding Invites

Finished steampunk wedding invites feature 3-D gear stickers and a square envelope.

If I have learned only one valuable lesson from this process of making my own wedding invitations, it’s that there is a reason they cost a lot of money to get printed. And much like my handfasting cord, when I meant to try and cut corners to save money, really all I ended up doing was having it exactly how I wanted. Not necessarily a final product that cost less.

Close up of the front

Close up of the exterior of the invite which has metallic paper and gear sticker.

So, hopefully by now you have received your invitation and would gladly like to come to our wedding (which is why you are conveniently at this website I made). šŸ˜‰

The invitation was designed by our Maid-of-Honor Natasha Wright (with a lot of opinion-expressing and expert advice from David and myself). David came up with the concept of the square invite and envelope. I wrote the text and Tasha, using her fabulous skills in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustator, created the invite itself.

Invites with lables

All labels brought to you by Jamie!

My bridesmaid, Jamie Payne, created all of the labels, including the lovely return address labels from scratch in two hours (woo!).

I assembled the invitations in very little time which was awesome because I feared a time intensive process. Though I do have to admit that creating the invitations, from their digital incarnations to their physical forms (which includes a lot of address gathering!) was incredibly time consuming and so far the largest wedding project to date.

Stack O'invites

These are the completed invitations awaiting their trip to the post office.

Thank you to everyone who helped create, print, and assemble the invites, but I specifically wanted to thank those who gathered addresses for me: Mary Benbow, Sharlette Davidson, and Laurie Nelson. Without your help no one would be able to enjoy our lovely little creations.

David and I especially hope everyone likes their invites and we are looking forwarding to seeing you in 55 days.


Trial bouquets for the Bridal Shower

In this arrangement we have cosmos, baby’s breath, and “money” from the money tree.

Yesterday we went to the reception for our roommate, Brady Ramaker and close friend Jessica Whipple (she is also going to be the photographer at our wedding).

We had a great time dancing and being obnoxious at their wedding and we can only hope the same for them at ours! Well, with the exception of dancing. I will dance after intoxication, though not even that will get David to dance, so we’ll have to be content with chatting at our reception.

This is a happy little sandwich of daises, baby’s breath and, of course, money.

Anyways, on the 2 hour drive down to Rochester my mom called me and started quizzing me on what I do or do not want in a bouquet. “How do you feel about branches?”

“Uh, branches are fine. Can we have pussy willow?”

“I’ll try… I thought those would look nice too. What about jewels?”


A big bright marigold with accompanying leaves and money.


“Buttons? What do you mean ‘buttons’?? What are you putting in my bouquet?”

“Just answer the question yes or no, buttons?”

“Yes, buttons are fine.”

Purple bachelor buttons, baby’s breath and a couple of twigs of decorative grass.

“Okay, now how about chains?”

“What are you doing? There are going to be more dead things in my bouquet than live things! I guess chains are fine….”

And so on went the conversation down the road for 5 cities, as David was kind enough to inform me.

But otherwise here are the trail run bouquets and the first taste at what our decor is going to look like when it all comes together.

Oh and the just plain fun random things that may or may not find it’s way into wedding decor, but is always there, just in case.

Buttons and jewels, oh my!

A visit to a hatstore….

A fairly normal top hat in a grey (which would coordinate with the suit).

David, the ever stylish one, has his heart absolutely set on wearing a top hat for his wedding.

As before we face the nifty problem of wear to locate one for the occasion. Top hats haven’t been in fashion for at least 100 years so this isn’t just a little jaunt over to J C Penny.

We heard from our endless source of useful information (Ben), that if we went to the mythical Mall of America, we may find that which we seek — a top hat!

The name of the store was Chapel Hats, which boasted a very large selection of hats though only two of which were top hats. One was a plain black top hat and the other a brown western one…. Not nearly what we were expecting.

In the end we made a special order for a Steampunk themed top hat that will hopefully be in by August. At this time, we are also looking for top hats online or through friends.

A showy Steampunk top hat that would also be acceptable.

If anyone knows where to find a top hat (especially if you have one in your closet), please let us know. We would be more than willing to take a look at it.

Flower Garden Update

A lonely little Cosmo hanging by the fence.

My mother sent me photos of what is actually coming up in her garden (as opposed to the lovely Googled photos I had on an earlier post in May). Needless to say, I was very impressed with the speed at which things are taking off.

The stars of the show are really starting to pop out.

The warm spring months this year have really thrown us for a loop since we didn’t know what to expect from the behavior of the flowers, but they seem to be coming up in a predictable manner, though earlier than expected.

We planted a few more packets just in case the early bloomers peter out before fall. Though there is likely to be ample amount of flowers for the wedding (and bridal shower too which a good chance to try out some bouquets), there is always that lingering fear that maybe, some how, we miscalculating and we’ll only have five flowers to a vase.

Mostly green looking weeds, but they’re really wild flowers. šŸ˜‰

As charming as it might sound (think little kid tea party, right?) I would very much prefer that we stick with the idea as originally planned — an abundance of wild flowers flowing from the vases!

A large majority of the garden looks like a weed right now, but eventually we will start to see the real show stoppers coming up and out.

Frocking what??

Though this is a little more Western, this is a period frock coat.

Ironically in all of this wedding planning, David has spent more on his attireĀ  than I have! I find the total role reversal to be pretty hilarious.

For his wedding David wanted to wear a period piece called a frock coat. Let’s just say, this is not an item that you get to grab real quick from the Men’s Warehouse. We knew walking in that we were going to end up having something special ordered or made, but the trick was where….?

David special ordered his suit online from a little website called Suitopia which is based out of Sweden.

We thought, “Wow! How awesome, it’s totally customizable and we can design everything we want right to the T.” However, Wells Fargo would be our party crashers.

David’s suit will look much closer to this one in a darker shade of grey.

One day, unsuspecting day he got a call from Wells Fargo identity theft department.

“Um, Mr. Benbow, it appears that someone has made a large purchase with your bank card in…. Sweden.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s my suit for my Victorian themed wedding. I made that charge.”

Apparently, there was silence on the other end for a moment. “Really? Please hold, I have to get a manager.”

After about a 35 minute conversation and being put on hold twice, David was able to purchase his custom made suit, which is currently being made.

Handfasting Cord

The ribbon colors.

Throughout this wedding planning experience, David and I have learned a lot about how nontraditional we are. Though we buck against modern tradition, it’s really the older customs that we find attractive. In some of the reading we explored while deciding what our wedding was going to be, we came across the idea of handfasting.

The beads.

In this tradition, a couple are handfasted for a year as a trail run at marriage. After the year, if they choose to end the relationship if they felt it wasn’t working out. In some cultures you are tied together for an entire day as part of the handfasting ritual. We decided that we would like to include this in our ceremony.

During our vows we will be tied together and for the rest of the evening we will be handfasted. This symbolism behind this practice is very powerful. One partner does not make decisions, face family, or even move without communicating to the other what their intent is.

Ben is the keeper of all things and the one from whom I got the beading supplies.

This is sure to make the receiving line lots of fun!

Beading it up!

Symbolism is important to both David and I. Severals things we included were our birthstones (amethyst & ruby), both our Western (Leo & Pieces) and Eastern (Snake & Monkey) zodiac signs, plus some neat beads got tossed in just for fun. I then threaded them all up in a long strand and Ben, our bestman, did a four strand braid with the ribbons and pearls.

Flower Planting

Pink Hydrangea

For a fun Mother’s Day activity my mother, my sister and I planted the flowers that will be in our wedding bouquets. We will be creating the bride and bridesmaids bouquets, the boutonnieres for the men, as well as the flower centerpieces.

Flowers selected include: various daisy colors, wild flower mixes, cosmos (pink, white, orange), gladiolas (yellow & orange).


Perennial: Sedum (rust & purple), Boston Ivy, Core Bells,Ā  Irises, and Hydrangeas.

Our Engagement

Amber + David

This is one of our engagement photos taken by Jessica, our wedding photographer.

I met David at Game by James in the Burnsville Center when he came in for an application. I then proceeded to sell him mispriced dice (on accident!) and I didn’t see David again until he started working for Games by James. At the time I was seeing someone else, but we remained friends hanging out and playing games until we eventually started dating.

For some reason, I just knew this relationship would be my last one. The kicker for me was one day my mom called me wondering why I hadn’t called in weeks.Ā  Apparently, I didn’t need as much emotional support from my mother because David and I were successfully building a life together. Now we are going on four years of dating, closing on a house in the springĀ and we will be getting married in the fall.

Thank you for visiting our website! We hope to see you at our wedding and theĀ celebration of the evening of Monday, September 24th, 2012. We hope to see everyone there.

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