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The 4th time’s the charm!

The finished handfasting cord in it’s fourth incarnation.

As I have said before, creating the majority of the items for my wedding has given me a great deal of practice with different media that I would never have touched on my own. Beading is one of those such mediums.

Close up of some of the beads and symbols chosen for the cord.

Handfasting was something that David and I encountered in our research of weddings. We both liked the idea and decided to go forward with it, however, like many other things for our wedding, this was just not something that you could go out and buy. It required pretty much making it. I did find some examples online to work off of, but for the most part it is such a personal thing that you need to create it yourself.

Displayed are both the handfasting and unity cord that we will incorporate into our ceremony.

Shopping for the beads took two days since there were multiple places we wanted to go to and we didn’t have the ability to hit them up right away. But than, even once we have them beading still took a week!

A Buddha head accompanies the other cross-religion symbols on our unity cord. Featured are items such as the cross, trinity, ying yang, star of David, crescent moon and our birthstones.

I strung up the handfasting cord three different times before I finally made it past my learning curve and figured out what I wanted. After that, I made the unity cord (David and I haven’t quite figured out how we are going to work this into the ceremony) which turned out perfect, so I went back and restrung the handfasting cord.

With so many attempts under my belt, it was nice to just be finished with it. And there is nothing quite like knowing the peace of mind that it isn’t going to fall apart on us.


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