Amber + David

1.) Date & Location

Anoka County Parks Reidel House Estate

This is the Riedel House Estate in Fridley, Minnesota. Photos are from the Anoka County Parks website.

Formal invitations will be sent out at the end of July since our wedding date falls on a Monday, we would like guests to have ample amount of time to request time off and make and travel arrangements.

The majority of our wedding information will be found on this site. My knack with website and blog creation is an affordable way to provide our guests with all the information they will need for our wedding. Here are the current wedding details:

Date: The date is Monday, September 24th, 2012.

Time: The ceremony will be held  at a quarter and a half past two (2:45 pm). An open house style reception will follow with tea, conversation and then later in the evening to a cupcake contest. We intend to start clean up by 9:00 pm.

Riedel House Wedding Montage

Photo montage of a wedding held at the estate.

We are aware that the day of the week is going to be a problem for many with work and school schedules and we are very understanding of the situation.


Riedel Farm Estate

5100 East River Road NE
Fridley, MN  55432

The wedding ceremony and reception will  be held at the Riedel Farm Estate in Fridley off of East River Road and 494. It is a Victorian farm house with the ability to fit 50 inside roughly 100 hundred outside. Rental will include the grounds with a small amphitheater. There is also a park near by for younger guests. 😉 There is also a parking lot that should be able to accommodate our guest list.

Riedel House Pavillion

The pavilion included with the Riedel House rental. Photo also from Anoka County Parks.


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