Amber + David

4.) Cupcakes & Contests

The Goal: David and Amber’s “Smash ’em” Photo

The first place cupcakes will be featured in our twist on that traditional wedding photo where we feed each other the wedding cake.

Rule 1: Make ’em Look Good!

Because photos are forever, we would like the focus to be on the decoration. However that being said, we would like to mention that these cupcakes are going to be our wedding cake, so …. nothing too weird please because we would like guests to eat them. Some elements to the design may be inedible such as a gear or two, but the cupcake it’s self should be completely edible and wonderfully delicious.

Rule 2: Keep ’em Steampunk!

Please adhere to the Steampunk theme when at all possible. The theme is pretty large, so there is lots of wiggle room here.

Rule 3: Things to Stay Away From…


     -Angel food

     -Excessive amounts of chocolate

     -Too many inedible things (i.e. you cannot enter a dozen plastic cupcakes!)

Rule 4: Multiple Entries

Since some individuals will be more keen to baking than others, we have decided multiple entries are allowed. One dozen is an entry so what the heck— Go on a baking spree!

Judging: Trail by Fire

Because David and I are hoping to be more impartial, we would like to have guests vote on the cupcakes to determine the winning entry instead of having us arbitrarily picking our favorite (since this leaves room for bribery, and trust me, there have already been bribes 😉 ) Each entry will be numbered and guests will have the opportunity throughout the reception to view and vote on their favorite. Come 7:00 pm a winner will be announced. There will be door prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


6 thoughts on “4.) Cupcakes & Contests

  1. Vince Scartozzi on said:

    Are there any flavors {ingredients} either of you can’t [ don’t want to ] eat ?
    What flavor is prefered by both of you ? Vince

  2. Christine on said:

    When is the contest? Date/time? Or do we bring it to the bridal shower? Should we bring enough to share with others or just 1 for you and David to sample? What’s your favorite flavors of baked things. No chocolate at all?

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