Amber + David

Day’s Itinerary

11:00 am Bridal Party and set up crew will arrive to start preparations for the day. If you are interested in coming early, please do! We would love the help.

12:00 pm Bridal party will start photos.

1:00 pm Decorating and continuing set up.

2:00 pm Bride and Groom will hide away. Guests anticipated to arrive around this time.

2:45 pm Wedding ceremony starts.

3:15 pm Receiving line.

3:30 pm High tea is expected to begin.

4:00 pm Photo booth will set up stairs.

5:00 pm Short photo shoot for Bride and Groom.

7:00 pm Dinner and cupcake contest.

8:30 pm Bride and Groom will be leaving for the evening.


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One thought on “Day’s Itinerary

  1. Vince Scartozzi on said:

    Far out, I’m diggin’ it. Vince

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