Amber + David

Wedding Invitations

Steampunk Wedding Invites

Finished steampunk wedding invites feature 3-D gear stickers and a square envelope.

If I have learned only one valuable lesson from this process of making my own wedding invitations, it’s that there is a reason they cost a lot of money to get printed. And much like my handfasting cord, when I meant to try and cut corners to save money, really all I ended up doing was having it exactly how I wanted. Not necessarily a final product that cost less.

Close up of the front

Close up of the exterior of the invite which has metallic paper and gear sticker.

So, hopefully by now you have received your invitation and would gladly like to come to our wedding (which is why you are conveniently at this website I made). 😉

The invitation was designed by our Maid-of-Honor Natasha Wright (with a lot of opinion-expressing and expert advice from David and myself). David came up with the concept of the square invite and envelope. I wrote the text and Tasha, using her fabulous skills in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustator, created the invite itself.

Invites with lables

All labels brought to you by Jamie!

My bridesmaid, Jamie Payne, created all of the labels, including the lovely return address labels from scratch in two hours (woo!).

I assembled the invitations in very little time which was awesome because I feared a time intensive process. Though I do have to admit that creating the invitations, from their digital incarnations to their physical forms (which includes a lot of address gathering!) was incredibly time consuming and so far the largest wedding project to date.

Stack O'invites

These are the completed invitations awaiting their trip to the post office.

Thank you to everyone who helped create, print, and assemble the invites, but I specifically wanted to thank those who gathered addresses for me: Mary Benbow, Sharlette Davidson, and Laurie Nelson. Without your help no one would be able to enjoy our lovely little creations.

David and I especially hope everyone likes their invites and we are looking forwarding to seeing you in 55 days.


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