Amber + David

Trial bouquets for the Bridal Shower

In this arrangement we have cosmos, baby’s breath, and “money” from the money tree.

Yesterday we went to the reception for our roommate, Brady Ramaker and close friend Jessica Whipple (she is also going to be the photographer at our wedding).

We had a great time dancing and being obnoxious at their wedding and we can only hope the same for them at ours! Well, with the exception of dancing. I will dance after intoxication, though not even that will get David to dance, so we’ll have to be content with chatting at our reception.

This is a happy little sandwich of daises, baby’s breath and, of course, money.

Anyways, on the 2 hour drive down to Rochester my mom called me and started quizzing me on what I do or do not want in a bouquet. “How do you feel about branches?”

“Uh, branches are fine. Can we have pussy willow?”

“I’ll try… I thought those would look nice too. What about jewels?”


A big bright marigold with accompanying leaves and money.


“Buttons? What do you mean ‘buttons’?? What are you putting in my bouquet?”

“Just answer the question yes or no, buttons?”

“Yes, buttons are fine.”

Purple bachelor buttons, baby’s breath and a couple of twigs of decorative grass.

“Okay, now how about chains?”

“What are you doing? There are going to be more dead things in my bouquet than live things! I guess chains are fine….”

And so on went the conversation down the road for 5 cities, as David was kind enough to inform me.

But otherwise here are the trail run bouquets and the first taste at what our decor is going to look like when it all comes together.

Oh and the just plain fun random things that may or may not find it’s way into wedding decor, but is always there, just in case.

Buttons and jewels, oh my!


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