Amber + David

A visit to a hatstore….

A fairly normal top hat in a grey (which would coordinate with the suit).

David, the ever stylish one, has his heart absolutely set on wearing a top hat for his wedding.

As before we face the nifty problem of wear to locate one for the occasion. Top hats haven’t been in fashion for at least 100 years so this isn’t just a little jaunt over to J C Penny.

We heard from our endless source of useful information (Ben), that if we went to the mythical Mall of America, we may find that which we seek — a top hat!

The name of the store was Chapel Hats, which boasted a very large selection of hats though only two of which were top hats. One was a plain black top hat and the other a brown western one…. Not nearly what we were expecting.

In the end we made a special order for a Steampunk themed top hat that will hopefully be in by August. At this time, we are also looking for top hats online or through friends.

A showy Steampunk top hat that would also be acceptable.

If anyone knows where to find a top hat (especially if you have one in your closet), please let us know. We would be more than willing to take a look at it.


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