Amber + David

Handfasting Cord

The ribbon colors.

Throughout this wedding planning experience, David and I have learned a lot about how nontraditional we are. Though we buck against modern tradition, it’s really the older customs that we find attractive. In some of the reading we explored while deciding what our wedding was going to be, we came across the idea of handfasting.

The beads.

In this tradition, a couple are handfasted for a year as a trail run at marriage. After the year, if they choose to end the relationship if they felt it wasn’t working out. In some cultures you are tied together for an entire day as part of the handfasting ritual. We decided that we would like to include this in our ceremony.

During our vows we will be tied together and for the rest of the evening we will be handfasted. This symbolism behind this practice is very powerful. One partner does not make decisions, face family, or even move without communicating to the other what their intent is.

Ben is the keeper of all things and the one from whom I got the beading supplies.

This is sure to make the receiving line lots of fun!

Beading it up!

Symbolism is important to both David and I. Severals things we included were our birthstones (amethyst & ruby), both our Western (Leo & Pieces) and Eastern (Snake & Monkey) zodiac signs, plus some neat beads got tossed in just for fun. I then threaded them all up in a long strand and Ben, our bestman, did a four strand braid with the ribbons and pearls.


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2 thoughts on “Handfasting Cord

  1. Steph Ronning on said:

    I am sooooo bummed I won’t be able to be there, but I just started a new job and asking for time off isn’t in the cards. The soonest I could get there would be 6:30-7 and wouldn’t be in costume. Plus I don’t even know if you would still be there, if you would be let me know I would love to stop by and see you on your special day. I hope you take lots of pictures so I can see your dress and Davids outfit. Everything looks so cool. Like I said I so wish I could be there I am sure it will be a great time! Congrats again babe:)

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